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Tennis Equipment

     Tennis is a game of stroke production, strategy, positioning, and mental preparation. It is challenging to both a player's mind and body and is an excellent workout for an individual's physique. Sports equipment is always an important facet of any game in every sport. Quality, comfort and durability are all factors to consider when purchasing the tennis equipment you will need to enhance the play of your game. Equipment you will need included your racquet, proper tennis shoes, proper grips and strings as well as tennis balls.

     Though the name of the game is different in various countries, the rules and nature of tennis is the same everywhere. In Great Britain the game is referred to as Tennis or, to distinguish it from Lawn Tennis, Real Tennis or Royal Tennis. In the United States the game is referred to as Court Tennis, in France it is called Jeu de Paume (hand ball) and in Australia it is named Royal Tennis.

     There are amateur, professional open and world competitions and the equipment you need to play are also standard across the board.

     The game has two basic objectives using your racquet. These two objectives include the serve and the return. The best serve is known as an ace. It's nearly impossible to return. Some of the returns include the one-handed backhands, two-handed backhand (these are easier), groundstrokes and the front hand which is the basic and most frequent form of return.